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Friday, July 13, 2007

Crest Hut Returns

My diary comics returns on Monday, July 16! Although I have to revise the schedule and make it only 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That's because in recent strips, it's taken me longer and longer to do. Much longer than an hour which I had alloted to do one per day. It was already eating up into the time I've reserved for my other work.

Also, the strip will use photographs more exclusively. Don't worry, I'll be keeping photographs of me at an absolute minimum.

Additionally, I've decided to run Wasted as an online strip, also beginning on Monday. You can read all about it here.


Liza said...

Cute ng picture ng dog mo! :)

Gerry Alanguilan said...

He.he. Isa yan sa mga favorite picture ko nya. :D

Rafael Kayanan said...

Just read all the strips in one sitting Gerry - really enjoyed the whole segment on your 4 legged pal, and the running theme of anxiety is probably more common than one may think. Also, just went through the same annoying repair with my monitor...ack... not a fun time. Bravo on the Rizal comic- looking forward to this!

Mall said...

Kuya, I really enjoy reading your comics!!! I really love them! It's so funny that that long haired guy got a falling guy! Sooo coool! ;D I'll look forward to seeing more comics!! Keep it up, kuya! ASTIG!!!!

CMAOTAKU said...

Sir, Thank you for dropping a comment on my page here at, Sir hope I can grabbed some of the photos from your site because I will feature you and my first Elmer Issue on my C-Review page this Sunday.

Hope it is okay sir.

Saan pa po pala namin mabibili ang iba pang books ng Elmer? Kasi po isa lang nabili ko, kinulang sa budget.