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Sunday, June 17, 2007

The WEBCOMICS Republic

The WebComics Republic is a small group of Filipino webcomickers attempting to spread awareness about the Filipino presence in the online comics world. The second of such groups that Jonas Diego attempted, the group consists of the following five writer-artists and their comic:

The Blurb!
Jonas Diego
Delivering your comic book goodness on a daily basis!
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Adult

Crest Hut Butt Shop
Gerry Alanguilan
An online daily diary webcomic by Gerry Alanguilan.
Genre: Humor, Real Life

Class Comics
Ariel Atienza
School has never been this good…or this mad!
Genre: Humor

Rey Villegas
Fantasy, action, and high adventure…the good stuff!
Genre: Fantasy, Action

Kathang Isip
Laguna Teddy Pavon
The story of a people in search of freedom.
Genre: Fantasy-Adventure, Action, Drama

Membership for the Webcomic Republic will be closed for a bit while we establish our groove (though we will be soliciting new members…eventually). Meanwhile, check the sites out! Some of the guys have already uploaded their comics and, in fact, have a considerable archive that you can read while waiting for the formal launch next week.

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