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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Sunday Strips

I love doing the Sunday strips because they're bigger and I have more space to do stuff. It's also an opportunity to depict activities all in one go, without having to cut out too much of what I wanted to say. This particular day we went to Manila was quite a nice one.


INGGO! said...

Although your webcomic shows how happy you were going to Quiapo and Avenida, I can still sense the sadness in doing the page. And I totally understand that.

But, as the bellboy in the movie "My Best Friend's Wedding" would say... "This, too, shall pass."

Be strong sir Gerry and more power!

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Maraming salamat Inggo. Medyo ganun na nga... siguro di agad maaalis yun, pero OK lang. :)

Jonas Diego said...

Bakit mas mataba ako kesa sa yo sa webcomics mo!? Ha ha ha! :D

Witch Girl Pilar said...

GAH! I'm getting OUT-dated na, sori talaga! Hey, I'm UST! X3

Meh, stupid dial-up connections. Go for DSL instead. That is, if you have enough money. XD

I hope you do well, as I am here in UST! 8D