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Friday, June 22, 2007

Sleep Paralysis Series

Without meaning to, I began a rather long series on a personal experience of mine. I planned to do only one installment. But after doing the first one, I realized I really wanted to talk about it. I realize I rarely spoke about this to anyone before, and as always, I feel it's much better said in comics form.

If you've read the series, it actually begins with this installment, posted on June 20. Yes, I do know that it's scientifically referred to as "Sleep Paralysis". I've been aware of the term for quite a while. Researching the Internet 10 years ago on any information on my experience, I came upon a site that surveys people who have had similar experience. As far as I can tell, it was a completely scientific survey. I didn't know whatever became of the study, but after several years I've realized that it's a more common affliction than I first thought.

Already, two of my friends have offered similar experiences after reading mine. And I think comics writer/artist Rick Veitch has similar experiences, so much so that he has made a comic book, "Rare Bit Fiends" that talks a bit about it. I have an issue, and he talks a lot about his experience in the letters column.

Because of other circumstances that I have yet to relate in the strip, I believe that it's not triggered completely biologically. I believe it to be something more. But that's just what I believe.

PS. I'm sure my experience has nothing to do at all with listening to Paul McCartney's "Red Rose Speedway". It was just what I was playing when it first happened, and I'm sure it would still have happened no matter what I was listening to.

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