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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Online Offline

Actually, my phone and Internet came back yesterday noon. But I've already uploaded these strips (June 15 and June 16), expecting my phone won't be back so soon. I'd hate not to post two perfectly OK strips so I'm just letting them be. Apologies to PLDT for a couple more days of unfounded ranting, since you did bring back my phone so quickly.


Mall said...

Hee hee! I know why you felt frustrated with PLDT many times. Ako din, I waited for the PLDT computer technician since February 2007.... until now, they always say to me, "Ma'am, babalik po kami next week." Kaso wala pa sila. Argh, they didn't fix my modem (DSL) very well! Kainis! hehehe!

Anyway, awww, kuya, thanks for the post about me! :D I greatly thank you for inspiring me, sharing your great comics with us and everything! Keep it up, kuya! You're way too great, cool, funny, witty, talented, hilarious and kind! *salutes*

P.S. kuya, I should send you something pero I haven't prepared it yet kasi busy busy me kasi! Wait for my parcel patiently, pasensya po, forgive me kuuuyyyaaaa. *grins*

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Ha! ha! Actually, today lang dumating ang PLDT in response sa complaint ko. Buti na lang nagkaroon sila ng general maintenance last week in the main road near here at naayos na rin ang phone namin noon pa. It turns out, may nagnakaw ng mga kable ng telepono. Haaay.... why can't people just work instead of stealing what other people work hard for?

I don't mind talking about your work... I love it! I see a lot of young artists, when they send me stuff, or when I see their work online at DA, etc... and your work is really one of those I'm really impressed with and am very inspired by. :)

Mall said...

ah? nagnakaw ung mga kables ng telepono? ano ba yan??? ahahaha! that's life, you know? :P

Awww, thanks kuya! I'm so pleased! I'm in awe with your drawing skills, you never cease to amaze me! You, your stories, your comics and everything really inspire me! I keep visiting your crest hut butt shop, I love your comics. ;) By the way, it's all good that you create/discover new things, like you made your own font. Right, you should discover new things, kuya! go go go! :D I love your font, it looks very clean!

P.S. uy, you wear cool nerdy eyeglasses... mukhang college student ka na, kuya! Seriously! Hee hee! *grins*