Crest Hut Butt Shop Online Diary Comics by Gerry Alanguilan (Started on May 7, 2007)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blue Moon

Appropriately enough, there was a blue moon when Eugene died. Lying in his little house he looked at me as I pointed to the sky and told him about it. A blue moon is the second full moon of the month which is not an all too common occurrence. I don't know if he understood it, most likely he didn't, but I spent a lot of time talking to him that night and on the morning he died.

We buried Eugene in a plot of land where we will be building our house a few years from now, in a spot where no posts or any structural objects would be built. We can tell because we already have a plan of our house, and we wanted him to be part of it, in a way.

I've never had a pet like Eugene. And strangely enough the word "pet" is something I never really used that often with regards to him. He wasn't our pet. He was our friend, even our child, it sometimes felt like. I've had many dogs before. Many cats. A chicken, a turtle, a beetle. But I've never been this close to an animal like I was with Eugene. Whenever I held his head in my hands and stared into his eyes, I see something more than just a physical thing driven to move by pumping blood and animal instinct. He was a being with true intelligence, emotion, and a true unique soul. The range of emotion that he can convey with his eyes, his face, and his body was really astounding, and it would surprise me and Ilyn whenever we see it.

People have suggested that we get another one, so we could easily forget. Well, we have no intention of forgetting. And it would be unfair to the new animal because we'd always be comparing Eugene to it. I guess we won't be getting any pets for some time.


Mall said...

Your beautiful comic really made me cry and sad, kuya. Don't worry, at least, Eugene was very, very happy with you that you walked with him, played with him, talked to him alot, more. I'm sure Eugene won't forget those best memories.

Before Eugene died, I can sense that he really enjoyed/loved listening to you what you talked about. Yes, I absolutely with you, I'm sure you and Eugene will see each other again. Eugene and your kids/friends (pets) will wait for you patiently in heaven. They never cease loving you, kuya.

By the way, I loved those memorable photos. Saludo!

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Thank you very much, May Ann, I really appreciate it.

Witch Girl Pilar said...

Awwwww....! I can feel your loss and grieve. It's like the time I lost my lolo. :(

I'm sure you treasured your best memories with him.

Huh. I'm pretty sure you love Eugene so much, so you might not as well buy another one. I agree with you.

Liza said...

I once had a dog, he's not just my pet, but my bestfriend. We sleep together and he died very young. The time in my life when I don't know what to do and feel. I know how you feel and it's not easy. But I'm sure, Eugene will always be with you... in spirit!