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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Taking a Break

With all that's been happening here at home in the past few days, I thought I'd take a break, mostly from doing videos and a bit of writing. I'll still be doing these strips, because I feel they're the only means of expression I have that can convey what's been happening. In difficult times, it's always been comics that have been my means of dealing with it. I'm glad I have it, I'm glad I have something to do, or else I'll do what a lot of other people do... get drunk, do drugs, get into fights, whatever.


Witch Girl Pilar said...

Aww... hope Eugene will get better... :(

Mall said...


sorry for your loss, kuya. It's awful and sad.

But I think Eugene will be happy to see and meet your past pets in the wonderful heaven. *hugs*

Jonas Diego said...

Condolences, Gerry. :(

Gerry Alanguilan said...

Hello Pilar... unfortunately, Eugene didn't make it.

Thanks Jonas.

Thanks May Ann. You know I talked to Eugene a lot on the night before and the morning just before he passed away. I said I'd see him again one day. And I believe I will.

INGGO! said...

My condolences, sir Gerry. :(

is that the reason why you looked gloomy in your last video? :(