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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dog Tried to Rape Me!

Yeah, that really happened. Eugene has a kidney problem you see. As dalmatians go, he's a stone former. An OVERT stone former. So he's on a strict UD diet, and since his urinary tract has sort of shrunk because of the numerous operations and insertions of the catheter, I've had to help Eugene piss because he now finds it difficult to do it himself.

Well yesterday as we were taking a walk, he seems to be gesticulating strangely with his crotch. I thought maybe a stone was passing through his dick and he was trying to shake it off. The moment passed and we rested a bit outside our old house a few blocks away. I sat down. All of a sudden Eugene attacked me. And tried to uh... MATE with me. Eugene is a BIG dog so he was strong enough to make me lose my balance. He grabbed my thigh and just started pumping. It was crazy, funny, embarrassing, ridiculous, insane at the same time.

Just then a man on a bike passed by and just laughed. I was almost screaming, calling his name repeatedly. Eugene was practically out of his mind with lust, eyes glazed over in imagined ecstasy. I had to really jerk myself free and run away. Maybe I could run it out of him.

Or maybe I really just should get him a bitch.


Witch Girl Pilar said...


LOL! Funny and insane indeed! But... I pity your doggie. I do hope he feels better. <3

Mall said...

oh noh..... Hahahahaha! LOL! I already saw your latest video about your dog... oh my gosh, unbelievable, kuya. It made me surprised and shocked but it's so funny and hilarious!

Well, well... I think your Eugene needs love... I mean, female dog/mate, you know? or maybe he loves you! heheheh! Anyway, I agree with witch pilar, hope he will get better soon. :]